Sunday, October 5, 2008

Potato Joe, by Keith Baker

Illustrated by Keith Baker.

Abstract: Potato Joe leads the other spuds from the familiar nursery rhyme, "One Potato, Two Potato," in various activities, from a game of tic-tac-toe to a rodeo.

Harcourt, 2008.


  1. There's a gritty appearance to the illustrations in this book; they bring to my mind the feeling of an unpeeled potato, fresh from the sack.

  2. The illustrations are soft and playful. I especially love the friendliness of Potato Joe.

    And, I must be honest that I did not expect to meet a watermelon in this book.
    But, I would love to read this to a group of kindergardeners some day, and I think they would love that too.

  3. I did not enjoy the book for the pictures. I don't feel like they added to the story.

  4. I feel pretty neutral about the whole book. Ok story, ok pictures. The pictures did have an earthy feel to them that worked well with the fact that the story is about potatoes.